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The Massage Therapy Students DVD Guide - DVD 1 : The Torso
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Duration: 2 1/2 Hrs
Price: $44.95 (CAD)

"As a classroom teacher since 1971 who holds a Doctorate in Education, I believe that I am in a position to evaluate course materials - and these are tops" 

                                          - Kathleen Jacques, PhD, RMT, Executive Director, CCMH, Halifax.

This interactive resource makes it easy for massage students to learn and reference Muscle O&I's, Palpations, Fascial Techniques, Trigger Points, Stretches, Strengthening Exercises, Joint Mobilization Techniques, Advanced Swedish Techniques, Fascial Work.  

This DVD Guide also includes...

  • The RMTstudents Trigger Point Chart for muscles of the torso 
  • Access to Online Tools for Massage Therapists 




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